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I seem to have this very often. My muscle twitches at random places mutiple times and it goes on sometimes for a day. Anywhere there's a muscle. (Arms, Legs, Back, Feet, Neck, Chest, Gluteus maximus, Hands, and diffrent sides of my face.)Most of the times I'll be busy doing something such as school work, playing games, or laying down. Sometimes i wake up and it starts. There might be a few days when it dosent twitches. Also it seems like when the sun is out it dosent twitches at all. This is the most annoying thing ever. Is there a way to treat it. I had medacation for it but i'm all out.(Which i can't get refills) Right now my right shoulder and my neck is twitching. I also went to websites and some of them said that minerals can treat it such as potassium and calcium. If anyone knows how to treat it somehow then i will be most graceful. Even if you know why it is happening I tried just about everything. Why is this happening to me at such a young age? (17-18)