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I was diagnosed with low potassium (just slightly lower than normal) about a month ago. The doctor had just started me on diuretics for high blood pressure (just half a pill so a very low dose) at the same time she ordered the lab work. When I returned to get the reports I told her I had the lab work done before I started the pills she was surprised and that is when she mentioned that my blood pressure was responding well anyway and cut it down to half a pill. I had had some strange symptoms beforehand like dizziness, muscle weakness and skipped beats and so the low potassium explained the symptoms. Well, she told me to start taking an OTC potassium supplement which I did. I take one every morning. The problem is, I am still sometimes experiencing limb weakness and I know its from the low potassium. Would it be too much if I took one each evening as well? She had mentioned that if they found it wasn't enough when I have more lab work done in a couple of months she would perscribe a supplement because they are stronger. That tells me the OTC must be a low dose then, right? I have not seen her to tell her I am still having the limb weakness once in awhile.

TIA and sorry so long!