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Hi all,

Quick question i have about lymphoma. Have been six months ill now and docs etc still trying to work it out. However doc at hospital other day started asking me questions about lymphoma. i have two swollen lymph glands beneath my jaw. one bigger than other. but no pain in them. they have a kind of rubbery texture like a geuss two slugs were under there!! He also noted that i had a swelling area bottom of my left cheek. My paratoid glands have been pretty swollen up since i was sick i never noticed them before. also since i have been sick i ahve had loads of swelling under my skin. almost like jelly like substance. at first they thought it was allergy but that does not appear to be the case and i have been checked out for thyroid and an underactive pituatary too.
My skin is pretty thick seeming and also peels and is itchy every day since i was sick and has horrible spot type scabby rash on left side too. i also noticed that my jaw seems larger and i notice the bony nodules on it more im not sure if they wre there before i would have thought i would have noticed!! My dentist said its not a tooth problemof any kind! I lost a hell of a lot of weight when i first got sick and have not put any on. Been having severe headaches and jaw pain too. always worse lying down. Pain down left hand side of body. im sweating a lot at night and when i wake in the morning its like i had no sleep. nothing remarkable on blood tests ebv positive, esr 2 on one occasion and 6 on another, low potassium level, growth hormone slightly elevated, excess protien in urine.

its probably an infection of some kind they thought swelling in my face was some sort of angio derma- but anti histamines and steriods i reacted badly to. anyway im a bit worried about the lymphoma thing- i know nothing about but think i should stress my symptons again to my gp.

any info about tests or anything would be much appreciated.

love zoe xx