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Hello to all,

First of all i must apologise you may have seen me pop up on several boards asking questions as i ve been investigated or had different opinions from doctors about what is wrong with me?? But still no definate diagnosis. Anyway i geuss this is the best place to put a post.

Here is the story as brief as i can.
up until this time was in full health.
Nov 2004 - dianette contraceptive pill gave me allergic type spots so stopped
then took minocycline for about a month to get rid of spots felt un well on it so stopped that
dec 2004- Had two what it seemed like were cystitus took ages to clear up.
Jan 2005- woke up one morning with face bright red and texture of sand paper- prescribed anti histamines
reaction cleared.
but then started again given more anti histamines started getting really weak and headaches.
Headaches really bad lying down and got floaters too.
too weak to get to shops even and got swellings in my face
Feb 2005- saw a dermo who got me referred to accident and emergancy as she was worried. night before going in pain in thighs stomach collapsed on floor could not breath properly or even move parts of my body without great pain.
A and e referred me to a rheumatologist for possible autoimmune disease.
Was intensly sick for two weeks. so much pain did not sleep for a week. blurry vision body pain swelling face rashes around body:

Rheumie dismissed me as having bad drug reaction . Gave me sleeping pills to relieve anxiety.

March 2005- facial swellings head really blew up collapsing from headaches. Felt like i had a couple of seizures. lost bladder control.
My jaw would swell up too. And difficulty breathing. then one day the swelling went down in head it felt like it gave my body a real shock gave me real heart pain and breathing problems. stopped slleeping tablets just before this happened.
Dermotologist thought drug reaction possible angioderma but antihistamines played havoc with me too

April 2005- headaches getting worse. collapsed from a couple and felt in a daze for a couple of days. Mood really anxious.
enlarged jaw and chin continued wieght loss about 1 and half stone in three month period. horrible rash and circular spots on face itchy and skin peeling since jan . pain or numbness down left side of body. Hair loss.
mri brain scan normal though.

May/june 2005 - headaches less frequent and severe and body pain less bad too. However horrible rashes/spots spreading and worsening on face. skin thickening on face too. Swellings or liquid retention under facial skin in legs and arms too. facial peeling too.
lymph nodes swollen for last four weeks or so without pain feel rubbery to the touch. may have been there before but did not notice with eveything else going on quite frankly.
Sleeping problems wake feeling like somethings been acting on my body over night. Excessive sweating at night smell of my sweat is stronger horrible.

Endocrinologist tested me for underactive pituatary- but was noe under active though growth hormone was elevated. I thought i should have been tested for overactive pit as i felt was a problem with my growth hormone but he just sent me back to my doc saying it was probably post viral illness

So anyway where am i now? Seems no more the wiser really? not much is showing up on the bloods. positive ebv virus/ low potassium/ excess protein in urine/esr 2 and 6 on diff occasions. still waiting for microplasma serology to come back and ebv mono spot test. have not had a skin test though which i think is important.

All the docs keep saying we know you very ill- i look it- maybe its viral etc etc.
But im still suffering and they want to treat it as some post viral condition which im not having really. other docs have started asking me questions about lymphoma as they felt my glands and swelling in cheek. i have had lupus suspected but i don't think they want to investigate it further as i have had negative ana. im going to make the doc test me for lyme which they have not done especially in regard to skin rash. my own gp thinks it may be post viral or infective but admits that my immune systm seems to be doing something funny too. i think i should probaly see a viralologist/ immunologist or someone who deals in infections. but its really hard to know who to see as i wanted to get this sorted as soon as possible. i have lost the confidence to ask my docs things but i really don't think they understand how much i am suffering because of this. I had to leave my work my flat etc and feel horribly disfigured and self loathing because of this illness.
im an intellegent person who just wants to get well and get their life back but sometimes the doctors seem to try and make you seem like your going nuts!!
I also think my growth hormone is being affected in some way and would like a second opinion.

i feel so frightened and suicidal cause of this. i also think something is having a physical effect on my nerves.

i wish this horrible horrible thing would end or at least be treated with some anti biotics anything!!

the people on this board are the best. it gives me the strength to carry on.
All i can say is so much for the wonders of modern medicine eh?

any advice would be appreciated

yours gratefully zoe x