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My fiance is really really sick. He's had this very intense stomach pain for approximately a year now, with no relieving it. I've taken him to the ER once before, and they couldn't find anything wrong with him. His potassium was low, but they said that shouldn't have caused him this much pain.

However, this past week, he's been complaining of being dizzy. Last night, he actually passed out. He's still feeling dizzy today, and nothing seems to be helping him. I'm truely worried, and have no idea as to what to do. I'm taking him to the doctor on Monday, but still, I'm almost afraid to wait that long.

Please, any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.
Did they do a CT of his kidneys and pancreas? How low was his potassium?
Low potassium levels can be very dangerous. They cause things like muscle spasms and cramps anywhere in the body. If potassuim falls to low it can result in death. If he is passing out you should definatly take him to the ER. It could just be from the pain but if he's in that much pain he should probably be admitted to the hospital anyway.
Hope I helped...
P.S. A Potassuim level of 2 or less is cause for hospitilization.
No, it most likely is not in his mind, however, does he eat a normal amount of food? If not, he might be suffering from some form of anorexia. This might explain the passing out.

Monitor what he eats as much as possible and then compare to what a normal person would be eating calorie wise. Notice type of foods he is eating, is it a balanced diet? If he has an anorexia problem, him keeping a food log would not be accurate, probably would put down what he thinks someone would want to see. You could keep a food log with closer accurate info. This will be valuable to a doctor in finding out what his problem really is.

If his potassium level is at 2 it is definitely too low. He would need to be treated for low potassium. Too little potassium or too much potassium is bad, need just the right amount, usually between 3.5 and 5.5.

I hate to mention this, but, cancer can be a hidden disease for a long time and he really needs a good checkup to rule that out. Weight loss is one of the symptoms. Like another poster mentioned, scans would be of help here.