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Hi....I have been on Plaquenil for over 12 years....I did not have any symptoms as mentioned....but, all plaquenil users must visit an optomitrist twice a year. Now, for the aching legs....if you are taking Prednisone, your potassium is being depleated rapidly....those aches are cramps. I use to buy "over the counter" potassium 99mgs. As a matter of fact, I am off the prednisone (Thank God) and am still taking the potassium. Back when I was on the steroids I took two potassiums every morning and my aches were aleaveated. Now I just take one potassium each morning because it is beneficial to my well being. I take a total of 15 different vitamins, and I must tell you my dr's are amazed. I was near death twice. Oh, by the way...Prednisone also depleats Calcium....this I learned the hard way, I have osteoporosis and have had it for 5 years (I am 50 now) take 1800 to 2000 mgs of Calcium daily. Flax Seed Oil 1000mgs daily for your joints, Borage Oil for your skin, hair and nails. An autoimmune disease is the result of a ill functioning immune system...proper sleep, nutrition, and good vitamins will strengthen you system. I've done this research for over 12 years...it works! Take care and God bless :)