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Hi all,

i have posted on several boards over the last six months as to what is wrong with me? I posted my story on research boards under severe undiagnosed illness. I just got some hospital blood results infront of me. im just looking at the ones out of range and wondering if they can give me any clues or anyone else might have some ideas about what to ask my doc for or where to go from here.

Here are my symptons in brief:

Headaches, visual blurring, left side pain and numbness, rashes, jaw pain, peeling facial skin, liquid retention under skin, hair loss, muscle waste especially in face. spots. symptons excrutiating at time of menstrual cycle.
Pain worse lying down. jaw looks swollen enlarged. bones in fingers look inflamed swollen and forehead looks enlarged bizarre i know. Sweating at night or during sleep. some weight loss about 10 percent of body mass leading up to illness.

Ok here are some results but i have not yet got all of them together such as hormonal ones. il just tell you whats out of normal range. these have been on the three last blood tests.

1. White blood cell count raised
2. neutrophils riased
3. monocytes raised
4. glucose raised
5. potassium low
6. ebv positive
7. growth hormone hit secreatry peak
8. igf-1 at upper end of ref range
9 esr raised
10. crp<5

Ok i geuss nothing hits a really worrying marker but any ideas at all anyone who knows about this stuff and can relate these results to my symptons. Im really keen to ask my doc right questions and get to see the right specialists.

My symptons are pretty worrying and i would probaly not rule any illness out even cancer!! just want to get better.