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Hello all,

I havea couple of quick questions? Like many others on the healthboards i have been hunting around trying to find out why i got so ill. I was on these boards a while back cause i had symptons very like Lupus however had a negative ana so started trying to get answers elsewhere. My symptons seem to fit autoimmune or hormonal type problems.

Anyway i just wanted to know does it take a while for things to show on blood results. I had a negative ana back in feb time when i got ill. going to get a general ana done again this week. I mean were you getting bad symptons and still getting negative ana?

Another thing is my blood tests were pretty normal in the beginning even though i was so ill. It is only now that i am getting abnormal results starting to creep in. Like on the last three blood tests last month. My whiteblood cell count has suddenly starting to show it is high. Not hugely high enough to put me in hospital but high. My neutrophils have been high too. and my potassium is reading as low a lot? I wondered whether this was an indication of anything?

Symptons are, headaches, hair loss, skin peeling and horrible development of scabby red spots. i get jaw pain. Nausea, symptons worse lying down with headaches and jaw? tiredness liquid retention in skin. i have what looks like some bone inflammation at least the joints in my fingers are swollen up around my jaw and my knees. i have had some hormonal changes i think like excessive sweating and chnge in smell of sweat. Oh and i started getting shaky hands. Anxiety did i mention that- you probably geussed that already ha ha. My symptons are exasepated by stress and my period. My face just looks so different i don't know what it is maybe the jaw looking swollen - and the liquid retention. my eyes look different too a bit - i can't explain it really- i think i might get tested for antibodies to graves too ?

Do any of these results or symptons make sense to anyone when they were first getting diagnosed.

It has been speculated that my illness was triggered by minocycline which has been associated with lupus like syndromes in some people or development of sle. also can cause hormal upsets etc etc. Anyway finally having this reaction looked into by a dermo.

Thanks zoe x :wave:
Dear zoe x,

Of the symptoms & problems you mentioned, over many years I had bouts with elevated white blood count, low potassium, headaches, hair loss (breakage around hairline), sweaty outbreaks, and unexpected shakiness/weakness.

Also: 20+ yrs. of IBS-like problems (incl. hospitalizations, it got so bad); circular non-scarring rashes on upper arms & torso (for 8+ years); urinary irritability and pain; stones; low-grade persistent fevers; joint pain and swelling (my worst were elbows and shoulders); UTI's; conjunctivitis; fatigue; tingling, which felt like 'lil critters running amok under my skin; anemia; weird bouts of panic; etc.

There was a definite worsening before periods & in times of stress.

BUT... [drum roll] my ANA never went positive. It was only after 3+ years of constant doctoring that *anti-Ro* did turn positive---and this is exactly the autoantibody they should have most expected, given the type of rash I had. Dx was "subacute cutaneous LE" (SCLE), the *intermediate subset* of SLE. It's not uncommon in SCLE to have a negative ANA---and it sure didn't help when the persistently negative ANA frustrated ANY Dx from being made.

DILE (drug-induced lupus) is another "subset" of SLE & does have some meaningful ways in which it often differs from SLE. It's one of those "percentage things" also---just like SLE, with all of its percents. You know, "x percent" show this, "y percent" show that---so you really may need drs. who look for nuances and subtleties and even low-percents, not ones who think in iron-clad absolutes. If I had it to do over, I'd make sure I kept copies of every single lab result (incl. skin biopsies)---and I'd jump ship faster.

So good luck with your dermie appt. & get & keep those copies, in case you need them later on! Better yet, I hope you get some plausible theories FAST & the proof to back them up & treatment, for whatever is causing you these symptoms and grief. With my best wishes, Vee