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Those are awful. There's a few things you can do though. Stretch the toes and the bridge of the foot before starting, drink around 6-8 oz water within a half an hour of your workout and make sure you're getting enough potassium and calcium in your diet. Should help. :)
Hi Caij,

As always, Naxis is right on target! Yeah, those toe cramps are nasty -- especially when one of 'em gets "stuck". I always tend to run low on potassium so bananas are a staple as are potassium supplements. All the supplements I've looked at only supply 3% of the RDA, but use care when taking them. Electrolyte balance is a delicate thing as it can have drastic effects on your heart (when running low). I suppose that is why the supplements only have 3% RDA. I only take enough to keep cramping in check.
Good luck to ya and enjoy your Pilates!