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Laura, don't resign yourself to a DX yet. Sounds like your Dr. will be doing more tests.

I am also in the same boat as you, as far as the ANA, mine is 1:640, but I have no other positive Lupus tests. Physically I go back and forth feeling horrible, to feeling better. In the beginning I was so sick and fatigued I thought I was surely dying.

My Dr. is keeping tabs on me, with testing as needed. He did tell me that I seem to have some sort of autoimmune process brewing, and may show up more definitve at a later point.

This started about 5 years ago. The only other thing showing up other than the ANA since then is an slightly elevated BUN, Potassium, and Creatinine level, a Nephrologist I see is watching that. I see him again Aug. 1st for more blood work. He did tell me that the autoimmune thing going on with me may be related.

When you see your Dr. again, please let us know what he says, maybe he can also calm your fears. It also may take days to find out results of further blood tests.