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Vee, my dr. did not mention a specific eating disorder, she asked me if I ever make myself vomit after I eat and when I told her that I definately did not, she said sometimes people have eating disorders and are not aware of it. She said that bloodwork indicates that I have an eating disorder. The only bloodwork she did was a peripheral smear and that came back as Macrocytosis. My iron serum level was fine. Before the smear she did do a CBC several times and every time she did my rbc, wbc, mch, mchc, and rdw were abnormal. Also my bilirubin was high, creatinine low, potassium low, she did a thyroid test and that was excellent. My previous dr. did an EBV test and said that was extremely high, she said probably b/c I had mono before, I have NEVER had mono. I went to a dietician who had me keep a food journal for 3 weeks and she said although I don't eat as often as I should I take in enough calories and seem to be making good food choices. Anyway, who knows, I have to get ready for work so if you have any new advice or suggestions I would appreciate any available. Thanks again, hope you are having a great day. deedea. :)
Dear deedea,

Re: the white spots on your skin---have you ever heard of "vitiligo", where areas of skin depigment and turn whitish? I meant to ask you a few days ago but clearly did not. :o

On your ALLEGED eating disorder: I used to lose my appetite for weeks at a time. In addition, I had chronic IBS. I know my potassium levels would go off---not sure how many other things went bad on my bloodwork in those years, as no one said much of anything to me short of accusations that were way off base... THAT will sound familiar to you, yes?

FYI, my EBV value went wildly high in my mid-40's without ever having had mono at any point; I was dx'ed a few yrs. later with lupus. High EBV values are seemingly not uncommon in lupus---not sure about the other closely "cousins"...

Anyway, sending you my best wishes & hopes that you can get better answers soon. Bye for now, Vee