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Fatigue and muscle weakness usually start out with the weakness in just the legs. The legs are the major muscles in the body.

I think what you need is magnesium. But I would recommend you not let this get worse. It could really be low potassium levels. Low potassium levels would be consistent with fatigue and muscle weakness. You may not be that low in potassium now but you don't want to fool around with this problem. I think magnesium would be good because, for one thing, it is easier to supplement than potassium, and magnesium regulates your potaassium levels. Potassium is more often lost through diurectics not so much through sweating. But magnesium loss does occur from sweating and heavy exertion. Your muscles need magnesium. Atheletes need magnesium. If you drink booze you are losing magensium that way. If you drink coffee you can lose some magnesium then too.

One thing you can try doing is soaking in epsom salts to help your muscles and supplement the lost magnesium.

I had low potassium levels a while ago. It is not something you want to fool around with cause if they get lower your heart can stop. If you wanted to try supplementing potassium, the best thing is a salt substitute. The supplements are limited to 99 mg. are can cause stomach problems.

Overtraining is almost always about depleted magnesium levels.
i do the epsom salt thing. we really lack bananas in this house. hopefully with my new job i can buy some more food.

my friend just told me that 1/3 of the body's energy comes from potassium and the way the body burns salts. is this true?

also i take ritalin, could this be depriving my body from getting its potassium and magnesium like you said with coffee which is also a stimulant?