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Watch out for "frankenfoods" or junk foods. Things like sugar free candy has malitol and that is a sugar alcohol that can give you a major laxative effect. Trust me it's not pretty. Eat these only on occasion and limit how much you consume.

If you want low carb to work you need to change your mindset. This way of eating or WOE is not a weight loss diet but a total change of lifestyle. As another poster said you will gain it all back the minute you stop eating low carb. 20 grams of carbs is induction and does not include junk food. In fact the point is to get to eating "real foods" not processed foods. You will be healthier if you do.

Do not worry about carbs in vitamins but take them especially potassium, magnesium and calcium above and beyond your mulitivitamin.

A hint, think white! Natural white foods are a NO NO. Even for those with diabetes. For example, potato's, rice, sugar, white bread, flour etc these contain major carbs and carbs = sugar.
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Piranna65, yes, it does slow down your elimination function considerably at first when your carb intake is lowest. I've been on low-carb for almost 2 years (in October).

Do you take your suppliments? I found that taking Magnesium/calcium and zinc plus a potassium pill along with my regular mulitvitamin has made me feel wonderful. You can get let cramps on induction because of the lack of potassium. I take this and the magnesium has so many health benefits plus calcium is good for my age and I think because of the zinc it was the first time I ever went a whole winter last year without one cold even though I was surrounded with children with cold as I work at a daycare.
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Do you take your suppliments? I found that taking Magnesium/calcium and zinc plus a potassium pill along with my regular mulitvitamin has made me feel wonderful.

Hello, Anitak! Yes, I take magnesium, calcium and potassium supplements along with my daily multi-vitamin. I do not take any zinc, though. I'll try some. What is your zinc daily dosage in your supplement?

My Atkins book advises to take Flax, Fish and Borage Oil. I have found that particular formulation in Wal-Mart, and have been taking it for the entire time of my low-carb diet. It has benefits for the heart.

I'm happy to hear that some of what I'm doing is good! It's not easy to talk openly about the low-carb way of life. I've found that people are apt to become hostile just at the mention of low-carb!
So why is magnesium so important? It plays a big part in keeping the heart healthy, making sure bones are strong and helping the body absorb other important minerals such as calcium and potassium. Magnesium supplementation also helps people with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease maintain adequate magnesium levels which is especially important for these patients. Magnesium is also important to women who are pregnant, experience menopause or are at risk for osteoporosis.

Magnesium is also good for the heart. Women of all ages can benefit from magnesium-it's been shown to help build and maintain strong bones, relieve symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and minimize the risk of premature labor. A recent study showed that pregnant women with pre-eclampsia (a condition marked by water retention, high blood pressure, and protein in the urine) taking magnesium supplements had a 58 percent lower incidence of eclampsia, which are seizures associated with pre-eclampsia.

Magnesium is an essential mineral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It's important for people with certain medical conditions, as well as anyone who may have a magnesium deficiency with symptoms including leg cramps, migraines and fatigue.

Plus it helps you go potty. What a cool suppliment. LOL!