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Hi, Lil'Bit, I read another of your posts where you listed (some of) the foods that you currently eat: vegies, fruits, grains. You ARE on, pretty much, an excellent low protein diet. Really, though, it depends on WHAT fruits, vegies, and, especially, grains.
And more importantly, it REALLY depends on your specific needs. The following is offered only as an educational guideline, not intended to replace ANY advice from your health care provider.

Most vegies are really good for you, but you may want to avoid things like spinach, or other high-oxalte (oxalic acid) vegies, as these can feed the formation of stones. Other things to watch would be sodium (salt) content (especially if your B/P is high), potassium, and phosphates.

The amount of protein found in most fruits and vegies is negligible, so there really isn't much to worry about there. Mostly they will just provide good minerals and vitamins.

What types of grains do you eat? Breads, white rice, and pastas, and other processed simple-carb foods don't REALLY count as grains - they're more starch and (except for SUPER grainy breads) are pretty much empty calories.

You do need SOME protein(essential to life), but not necessarily animal, so you might, if not already, try grains like quinoa (keen-wa), millet, barley, amaranth, spelt, kamut, and buckwheat.

The right fats are necessary, too. Again, not necessarily animal. Avoid ANY label that includes the word 'hydrogenated', kidney probs or no, THESE ARE BAD OILS. What you DO need is the essential fatty acids - things like olive & walnut oils, flax and hemp oil or seed. These will provide you with the Omega 3, 6, & 9 fats you need. Fish oil, too, but if you are completely avoiding animal products, you might want to skip this one.

These from a kidney site:

There are a number of cookbooks that have been written specifically for the renal patient:

"The Renal Patient’s Cookbook" by Margaret Hale
Available from: Mrs M Hale, "Winkton", Vicarage Road, Burwash Common, E.Sussex, TN19 7LH. Please enclose a cheque for £7.00 (incl.p&p).

"Enjoying Food on a Renal Diet" edited by Marianne Vennegoor
ISBN 0 951 9894 05, Ultrapharm Ltd, 23 New Street, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 2BP

"Food for Life" by Lawrence Keogh
NBS Distribution, One House, Keats Close, South Wonston, Winchester,Hants, SO21 3HF. Price: £8.50 plus postage;

Hope this helps some. Good luck!

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