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[quote]Originally posted by rosarobin:
.... red meat? ohmygosh!!! I haven't eaten red meat in over 15 years and realy don't want to start now. I do eat fish and poultry...... is that a good source for the b-vitamins???? ....it gets. I'm really a vegetarian WANNABEE but it's hard to change at my age (lol).

Hi rosarobin
You REALLY don't have to start eating red meat again, or become a total vegetarian. There are other alternatives, such as exchanging the white (even brown) rice most of us eat, for other grains. To name a few you might try:

Amaranth - a gluten-free seed containing high protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, fiber, as well as some amino acids (which is rare in grain-type foods)

Buckwheat - also a seed, gluten-free, high-quality protein, B & E vitamins, iron & calcium

Millet - less allergenic tha wheat & corn, high-quality protein, excellent source of potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and B vitamins

Quinoa (keen-wa) - gluten free herb containing (up to)50% more protein that other grains, and a richer source of phosphorous, iron and B vitamins

Spelt - better tolerated than wheat by most, and is higher in protein, amino acids, minerals and B vitamins than wheat. This one IS a non-hybridized cousin to wheat, though, and was the staple grain during 'biblical' times

anyway, hope some of this helps

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