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[quote]Originally posted by arkie6:
Eat more healthy fats to curb your appetite and satisfy those cravings.

The operative word here being: HEALTHY

this DOES NOT mean eat more cheese, eggs, or meat. Also, potaoes (baked or boiled) and bread (WHOLE grain, only) are NOT going to make you gain the weight back IF you eat them infrequently. Bread is, of course, going to break down to sugars more rapidly than a potato, but still, as compared to processed carbs, these are much slower acting, like a time-release capsule, especially the potato.

One of my favorities is a baked potato, NO BUTTER!, drizzled with olive or hemp oil (rich in omega fatty acids - the GOOD fats), and a sprinkling of sea salt, maybe even some basil. Oh yum!

This analyzes out at: 52% total fat, 4.1% protein, 43.9% complex carbs. The fat breakdown is: 76.6% mono fats (excellent!),
9.1% poly fats, and 14.2% saturated fats.

measured against the daily requirements of 1500-1800 calorie diet:
Calories equal: 240. Fiber = 5%, Vit C = 13%
Vit E = 23%, thiamine = 6%, riboflavin = 4%, niacin = 11%, Vit B6 = 22%, folate = 6%, sodium 9%, magnesium = 8%, potassium = 5%, and iron = 27%. So, these percentages are of the daily need of 100%

All in all, I'd say it's a pretty healthy weight loss meal, and pretty darn satisfying, too.

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[quote]Originally posted by arkie6:
....Why would your body make something that would harm itself?

Are you serious? Our bodies OFTEN make things that aren't good for us - ever heard of yeast? excess neurotransmitters? Not enough neurotransmitters, FAT, the list goes on....

[quote]Originally posted by arkie6:
Monounsatatured fats from olives and avacodos are better than polyunsaturated oils from corn or soybeans or cottonseeds

I agree with this - cottonseed, corn, coconut, palm, these are all BAD oils. But, what do you think an olive IS? it IS a seed, so is an avocado, flax, walnut, almond, etc.
Yes, oxidation IS a major concern, as is the process of extraction. Cold-pressed and organic are the ONLY way to go with ANY oils.

[quote]Originally posted by arkie6: So, you would be better off to take that baked potato, scoop out the middle and fill it up with table sugar because that would have less impact on your bloodsugar than all that starch.)

[img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/confused.gif[/img] hmmmmmmmm. So let's see now. 1 tablespoon of sugar = 384 calories, and 96 grams of carbohydrates. That's it, nothing else to it, nada.

1 medium baked potato = 145 calories, 33.63 grams carbs, 3.06 grams protein, .59 grams of fiber, 20 mgs. vit C, .16 mgs thiamine, .03 mgs riboflavin, 2.18 mgs niacin, .47 mgs vit B6, 14.20 mcg folate, 8 mg sodium, 8 mg calcium, 39 mg magnesium, 610 mg potassium, .55 iron, and .45 mg zinc.

so, do the math, these two compare, how? granted, potatoes ARE starch, but they are a NATURALLY occuring starch, and broken down to sugar at a MUCH slower rate (which provides a STEADY release of sugar into the blood stream, which = sustained energy, as opposed to a one time sugar blast dumping into the blood like table sugar provides) than table sugar, not to mention the vitamins and minerals in a potato.

I guess it wasn't in this post, but somewhere arkie stated that we don't need carbs AT ALL - Ok, so, I understand that to mean that we DON'T need vegetables and fruits? NOTHING ANYONE can say will convince me of that one! Not yet, anyway. Maybe 10-15 years down the road this will be proven true, and then I'll reconsider. But, I doubt that will EVER be the case.

So, your supposed to fill up on protein and fat, right? And by what process, then, will we eliminate waste from our bodies? That's like saying people can live off a product like Jimmy Dean sausage, and be super healthy! makes NO sense. Your arteries would ABSOLUTELY plug up, as would your entire elimination tract. I know we don't need to agree here, but that's a pretty dangerous prescription to hand out.


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