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My posts haven't been working lately.. hopefully this one will. Then I'll just edit it. and write my post though the edit. :)
Goody it worked!!!

I needed to lose 15lbs. and I did.

Started drinking more water and replacing my minerals with mineral based sea/salt. 1/4 teas. per quart.
I found 'Redmonds', needs to have lots of minerals in the label.

(If you have high Blood pressure or heart disease. Just go slow on increasing the water,make sure your getting rid of as much as you are taking in, and use alittle salt on foods only.)

Then I went on the 'carohydrates addicts diet', the new revised one, where you shouldn't have any MSG, these make you crave the foods with MSGs in them. Once a day you get a reward meal, in the book it tells you how to eat that. It really did work and I felt much better than when I tried the Atkins diet. I did the Atkins diet for 2 weeks, first. It really messed with my blood testing.

I got the book at the Library, you could do a search on 'carbohydrates addict diet'

I lost that 15 lbs. and have kept it off with just the water and salt, and not too many fatty sugar foods, for 178 days. Lowered my cholesterol too. All my lipid numbers are good now. And my skin looks great from all the water and supplements I take.

Make sure you get your iodine, daily if you do the water and mineral sea/salts, also some daily potassium, and Magnesium citrate(twice a day). I take a daily amway vitamin. and Chromium too, the book recommended chromium in the morning on an empty stomach.

Good luch on your diet. Diana

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