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Which "no carb" diet are you referring to? I'm not aware of any no carb diet plans. Dr. Atkins is the lowest carbohydrate diet plan that I am aware of, but carbs in small quantities are allowed and recommended from things like vegetables. Are you eating any vegetables like salads and such?

Any ill feelings from following a no or very low carbohyhdrate diet are likely the result of carbohydrate withdrawl, not from any extra fat or protein in your diet. Your body takes a while to shift from a metabolism based on sugar (carbohydrate) to one based primarily on fat. During this shift, which usually takes 1-3 weeks, you may not feel that great. Some have described it as similar to withdrawl symptoms similar to drugs or alcohol addiction.

Another thing to consider is that a low carbohydrate diet acts like a diuretic which causes you to lose excess fluid. Along with this initial fluid loss will be electrolytes, potassium being one of primary concern. Low or high potassium levels can affect heart rythm. I would recommend, as do the Eades in "Protein Power", that you supplement with 200-400 mg (2-4 99mg tablets) of potassium during the first month or so of the diet and drink lots of water. Also make sure that you are eating enough. Low carb diets often curb your appetite and you may just not be eating enough.

Also, if you haven't had a medical checkup, I would recommend that also. It is recommended anytime you make a significant lifestyle change such as going on a diet. You might have an underlying heart condition that may warrant closer attention.