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"Well duh. If eating a high carb diet led to your weight gain in the first place, and eating a low carb diet allowed you to lose the excess weight, then you ought to take this as a sign that you can't eat a high carb diet and stay slim. Some people can eat more carbs and not gain weight. Others can't. We are all different genetically. Can't get around that, so you just have to modify your diet to suit your genetics. The key is learning which type of diet best suits your genetics and sticking with it."

Ok first thing no high carb diet makes you gain weight. You gained weight from too many calories. If you lose weight on atkins its due to calorie restriction nothing more.

"That is not a side effect of ketosis. On a low carbohydrate diet your body depletes its reserves of glycogen (stored carbohydrate) which is stored in the liver and muscles. With each molecule of glycogen also goes 3 to 4 molecules of attached water. This does not equate with dehydration. This equates with removal of excess fluids. When you refeed with carbohydrate, your body immediately stores the excess as glycogen and 3 to 4 times as much water goes along for the ride. That is the water loss and gain associated with low carb dieting and high carb refeeding. If you consume more than 300-400 grams of carbohydrate from a depleted glycogen state (about the maximum amount of glycogen storage), then excess carbs will begin the conversion to triglycerides (fats) in the liver."

Dehydration is a side affect of ketosis. Try the atkins plan for 2 weeks with no supplements and see what happens. I know what happened to a friend of mine who ended up at the ER 3am in the morning with low potassium thinking he was dying. I will give the Eades credit they tell the truth in their books.