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Hello, It looks like we all agree on apples, but what about the "evil" potato or "evil" orange? I've seen some people on this board downing potatoes and oranges, because they are too high in carbs. True the potato is a starch and if fried can absorb a lot of fat, but baked or boiled it does have some goodies in it. A potato has potassium, and if it's a sweet potato or yam it also has vitamin A. The orange really is a "good guy" as far as I'm concerned with it's vitamin c and fiber you can't go wrong. What do you all think? I guess I'm opening up another box. (I'm a vegie/fruit lover too.) I just exchanged one of my slices of morning toast for fruit so now I have 1 slice of toast, (homemade bread)1 fruit, 1 juice, and 1 "evil" coffie for breakfast. This way I have 1 fruit with every meal in addition to my vegies. (Prunes make a great dessert for supper!)