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Nah, fruits do contain sugar so you have to moderately eat them. I wouldn't exceed 4 portions a day. No need to eliminate it though, not plums and peaches either. Bananas however aren't very good (I can't remember why but my bodybuilder friend who helped me with my diet allowed me to have some fruit cos I wouldn't give it up but he insisted on not eating any bananas, he wanted me to cut fruits down to 3 servings a day though, preferably less... but no bananas! There are other good sources of potassium). As for veggies, yeah raw they may have more vitamins. But it really doesn't matter much, as long as you eat plenty steaming is fine. It tastes much better so you're more likely to eat more of it. So that's why it doesn't matter. And after all the main concern here is losing weight healthily. Not eating as healthy as possible.

If you're gonna care about little stuff like that you're gonna make this diet VERY hard for yourself. Harder than is needed.