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Need your input my special board buddies,

After spending most of last week in the hosptial on IV steriods/fluids - mega potassium & antibotics. I've been home resting. And I'm VERY thankful to be home in my own bed. I'm still on 60mg of Prednisone daily combined with 20meq of Potassium, 1600mg antibiotics, Vicodin, & Naproxen as needed. Trazodone to sleep which isn't helping (took 5 hrs last 2 nights to get to sleep).

My glands have been swollen and tender for the last week or so but, today they are very very sore/swollen in both my neck & arms. And added to that today my throat has become very sore & I'm losing my voice. I'm already on antibiotics twice daily. I do have chest pain, dizziness & a pressure headache. I checked my temp & right now I do not have one but, I did have a slight one yesterday (which I seem to get every afternoon for a few hours). My body still feels like a truck is running over it & moving right now is not happening.

At this point it's Friday & getting a hold of my doctor is difficult. At what point whould you be concerned? IE I realize if the temp comes back I need to head to the ER but, until then?

I know this sounds idiotic to ask these questions but, I guess at this point I still hate bugging my doctor or bothering my family for little things. Especially after putting them through the hosptial stay last week which was tramatic for all, as at one point they thought Lupus was affecting the brain & I was so sick. (Spinal taps, MRI's, blood work etc.).