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Hi. I'm David, and I'm a sixteen-year-old junior in high school. It should be noted that I have an irrational phobia of fire. How I can talk about fire is beyond me, but I can't stand the sight of it. I don't mind them on TV, or in a book. It's just when I see it in real life that my phobia kicks in.

So I was in Chemistry class two Mondays ago. My teacher was demonstrating the classical science experiment of mixing potassium with water. If you know chemistry, you know what happens next.

When the fire came up from the water, just that little bit, I lost all sense of myself. I vaguely remember myself screaming and knocking over desks, and I have memories of the school principle and my mother in her work uniform trying to help me to my feet. Most vividly, however, I remember feeling so terrified that I felt like I had seen the Devil himself. I had only regained full sense of myself about a week ago, when I was laying in a hospital bed, with my parents and best friend (age 20) by my side.

When the doctor came in, he said "Oh good. He's awake." He told me that my heart was slightly weakened from a minor heart attack. He said it was miraculous, how minor the heart attack was, because the shock he recorded should have triggered a heart attack strong enough to kill me the instant I saw the fire. I guess God was with me. Praise the lord.

Can anyone give me any words of comfort? I feel so weak right now, although I felt ten times as weak when I first woke up. I can't even type as fast as I used to without my fingers becoming fatigued.
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ya man.. feelbad is right.. that guy needs to kept in his place.. I can't stand people who like to bully and torment others for their own pleasure..
Gald your home BTW.

Just remember, fire is under your control as long as you respect it. I know saying that can't cure your fear.. But I hope it atleast can give you alittle help in dealing with it..
Just think that in your head..
Fear is stressful, but thinking of positive things can help. IF you ever see I flame.. Just turn your head, take a deep breath, and try not to think of the bad things about fire. Think of the benifits of it..
Ya, I sound like a crackpot :( .. But it does help get rid of some stress..

Good luck to you homie :cool:

Well, it's thanksgiving holidays right now, so I don't have to worry about school until Monday.

But this is something I don't get: I was riding in the car to Wal-Mart to pick up some last-minute thanksgiving dinner items, and I saw someone burning their trash. I was terrified, but I didn't lose all sense of myself like I did when my teacher dropped the potassium into the water. It's like my fear and the size of the fire are inversely proportional, and I don't get it. Larger fire should make me even more horrified, shouldn't it?