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Good morning all. It's so windy it's hard to OPEN the door so I'll be staying inside today.

I agree about the vitamins etc. Okie, I'm log all my foods, vitamins, and minerals with my Fitday program. Went to Super Wally World yesterday and got magnesium and potassium supplements to take along with my multivitamin and calcium tablets. Looks like a pretty good balance according to the program anyway. I gave up on the G-C I'll save that for the dog! I only take ONE calcium tablet a day since I read that too much can cause kidney stones - good grief I don't need that! I'll put that on my list of questions at my next appointment.

Took charge of the kitchen again; looks much better since I put things where I want them! The kitchen floor is in need of a good scrub so I'll see what I can do on my hands and knees. Maybe that's a little too ambitious but I'm pretty sure I"ll know within the first 3 minutes! :nono:

Feet still hurt especially when I get out of bed; feels sore in my arches; the toes are still on the chilly side too. Maybe these new sneakers aren't that great after all; I'll go back to my old ones for a few days and see if it gets better.

A log is a great idea Okie, I used to keep one before surgery but haven't lately.

Have a good weekend all, take care.