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Hi all,
I am new to the healthboards. At the begining of this month, I was hospitalized with acute renal failure. I have been on 50mg of prednisone daily, hopefully tappering here soon among 7 other medications, including cytoxan. I am experiencing extreme water retention and have been placed on a prescription to help relieve the swelling along with a potassium supplement. Has anyone else experienced such swelling and what have you done to help reduce it? My blood pressure is high, so elevating my feet and legs causes other issues. Any suggestions? The skin on my feet is stretched so much, it hurts just to touch the skin.
thanks for listening
Hi there & welcome! Sorry to hear about the renal failure - hope you are feeling better now. I was also hosptialized a few weeks back issues related to Lupus & did rounds of IV steriods to get me stablized. I'm now on 60mg of Prednisone which I hear will be a very slow taper downward.

But, yep I'm having a lot of swelling. Some days I can swing up 8-10lbs in just water weight. It can be pretty alarming. So I do take a prescribed water pill to help keep the swelling down, prescription potassium & a ton of water. I noticed I need all 3 to keep things within "normal". IF for some reason I forget to take the pill or don't drink 8+ glasses of water everything becomes pretty darn puffy. Plus, it makes my heart race even worse. Two days ago my resting heart rate at the doctor's was 115 & I was very hot/sweaty. It's kind of all over the place these days. I go through extremes with either being on fire or cold plus the racing heart. (Which I was having prior to the hospitial just not as much as I am now).

So how are you feeling now? Besides the swelling?