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Quote from Sco24:
hey, just posting this thread to see if anyone here knows if this dizzy, off balance, lightheaded feeling is more common with MS or Lupus? anybody know? any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks. oh, and also keep in mind dizzyness/lightheadedness/off balance as a first symptom. because i believe vertigo as first symptom in MS is rare.


Hi Scott,

I have Meneire's Disease, which is common in autoimmune diseases. I have roaring and/or ringing in my ears most of the time, a fullness feeling in my ears, some hearing loss, eardrums that aren't very flexible, so they say, and vertigo and nausea, which are the two most debilitating parts of it. I have very bad balance. Let me add that vertigo is different from dizzyness and lightheadedness, which I also have. Vertigo is more a sensation that you are spinning in space or that the room is spinning around you. It's hard to tell which end is up.

The dizziness and lightheadedness I get are usually attributable to a potassium deficiency, fever from an oncoming flare, hypoglycemia, or that monthly thing you don't have to worry about, lol.

Neither vertigo, dizziness, nor lightheadness were my first symptoms of my lupus. As is usual, fatigue :yawn:, the rashes, and low-grade fevers were the first real signs.

Just my two cents, :wave: