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Just a couple things.first,don't go searching the net before you have a Dx as this alone can make you crazy,really.there are so many strange and really bizarre things out there that have your particular type of symptoms that also have many many other symptoms to go along with them,so what you are experiencing is just a very very small part of what would be needing a whole bunch of other symptoms added to them to make you actually HAVE anything like ALS or MS.those chances are always there but really really remote,K?

secondly,have you had any labs run recently that included the magnesium and potassium levels??These are really the two biggest culprits for sudden onset muscle twitches and actual contortions of body parts,really.my son had a very low magnesium(of course we didn't know it at the time) but one night,out of the blue his L arm started twitching a little and then all of the sudden he developed this really incredible combo of actual snappy like contortions and hand spasms,talk about bizarre.he HAD ,just three days prior,been Dxed with low potassium and was on meds to increase that but they had not checked his mag level.we ended up going to the ER that evening as these just wouldn't stop and just became much worse(his hand kept snapping back and forth,really freaky)anyways,when they did some more lab work they discovered that his mag was really really low and so we started him on what is called mag ox 400.after just the next day,all the bizarre spams and twitching just stopped.and he was fine.Soooo,i would really suggest a trip to your doc to discuss this and your concerns.he will probably check the levels of what I just mentioned just to see what is up.This is the most likely culprit,but it could be other minor things too.anything like what you are experiencing should always be evaluated just to make sure it is nothing serious.the chances of this being some major condition or disease are really pretty minimal but just to be safe,really should be evaled for the possible cause.let me know just what you find out,K? FB