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Concern and worry sometimes can cause us to end up with anxiety which in turn will cause many side effects such as perhaps not breathing properly. Have you tried taking deep breaths and very slow exhales off and on during the day. This will help balance the carbon dioxide with the oxygen allowing for oxygen to be released from the red carpusles providing oxygen to all vital organs. This is a leap in the dark, but, a very possible cause. Deep breaths and very slow exhales will help the body to relax, calm down. Some people are shallow breathers which limits oxygen to he body.

Do you eat a balanced diet? Do you eat junk food? Do you drink soft drinks? Do you take vitamins?

Have you had blood work to see if you are low in calcium, potassium or others? Do you get plenty of exercise or do you sit at the computer or tv for long periods of time? Are you overweight?

There are many things that could be a cause or partial cause for your misery.