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People can frequently have really bad muscle charlie horses especially if their postassium levels are off (high or low), as well as when they have other conditions. An imbalance in potassium is very frequently and probably most often the cause though, even after we have back problems. If you take BP medications, or if you take Lasix or the generic of Lasix (water pill) because of fluid retention, it is easy to get an imbalance. Sometimes, just adding banana's to your diet will help if you have a low potassium level, sometimes we need to drink a little bulion soup, but if you have more occurrences, I'd recommend you see your doctor so they can check your levels with a blood draw. They can give you the results and prescribe to add or reduce your potassium levels right away.

Of course, sometimes we have just overdone and stressed out a muscle or group of muscles.

Hope that helps.