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Hi I'm 27 years old mother of 4 and have been experiencing a huge variety of symptoms. First off I have been having really bad leg pain(wakes me from sleep!) This has been going on for 4 years off and on. I've had so many tests i can't count. BUT this past year has really gotten bad I have really high blood pressure, Raynauds,also had a TIA 3 years ago. But the doctors don't pay as much attention to my complaints because the obvious tests come back pretty okay. My pain has gone from legs to all over. I have TMJ all sorts of weird joint aches and muscle(bone) pain. My fingers keep swelling and my palms,knuckles and fingers turn splotchy and red. I have had some docs say maybe i have an underline connective tissue disease then others make me feel like it's all in my head. I know it's real because i have days where i can actually get out of bed without being so stiff or hurting as bad. I have some immune system tests off. IGg is low anf Gamma is low. Have had a problem with my potassium too. The thing I'm really looking for is if anybody has experienced this or knows of someone who might have an auto-immune disease and maybe there are other tests that have not been run.
Also my ASO level is usually high even though i don't have strep throat.
Sorry this is so long but if you can help please reply!! Thank you!!