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I think it's over-rated.
When you diet, you burn fats, proteins, and probably poisons that are buried in fat stores. Both fat and protein burning is "dirty," releasing chemicals that are hard on the body, especially the kidneys. It behooves us to make sure there is enough water to dilute these "posions" so they do the least possible kidney damage. Thus water is necessary.

But alas, like all good ideas, diet "experts" will take a ball like this and run with it to silly lengths to sell yet the MILLIONTH diet book recommending liter upon liter upon liter of water.
TOO MUCH WATER can present a real problem called water intoxication where minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium and others and water soluble vitmains and micronutrients are flushed away. A low serum sodium (hyponatremia) can be a killer and lowering the others can be VERY unpleasant.

A sensible amount of overwatering makes dieting more safe, but won't increase weight loss one gram. Too much overwatering is downright dangerous.