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Hi everyone. I am a 23 year old female, I've been having some problems for about a year now. I am experiencing weakness with tremor in my arms and legs. There are times I can barely walk or stand. I get dizzy when I stand and my heart rate usually increases 20-30 beats per minute upon standing or doing housework.
My doctor has tested me for diabetes, myasthenia gravis, lupus, polymyositis, hyper/hypothyroidism, checked for antibodies, numerous CBC's and ALL tests have come back normal. My reflexes are normal.
I had a 3D echocardiogram and my heart is structurally normal. I also had a 24 hour holter monitor and my heart rate fluctuated between 50 - 170 beats per minute. (I believe that twice it went up to 170)
He refered me to a cardiologist and sent me about my way. I feel he is not listening to me about the muscle weakness. Because of all the tests that have been normal he thinks it is "just anxiety." Great, I love to hear that. :rolleyes: BUT if it is just anxiety I will be fine with that. The thing that has me concerned is my heart rate shooting up when I change position. (Well that and I can barely walk from the weakness sometimes.)
I did have low potassium once at the ER several months ago. (A doctor sent me for tachycardia but I was merely diagnosed with a bladder infection)
Could low potassium levels has this effect on me?
I have no idea what to say to my doctor anymore. I feel like there is something more wrong with me but he just shakes his head at me and says "anxiety."
Could this really all be in my head?

Thanks so much for your help.

Although low Potassium is rare those are some of the signs of low levels.Try increasing your Potassium foods like Avacados, Bananas,and low sodium V-8 Vegetable juice. later .. :cool:
First of all, get a copy of all your lab work, keep your own file for now and future. Always request copy of lab work, keep an on going record. Easier to get lab work each time than to pay for copy of your file at a later date and half the stuff not be copied. The charge is rather steep too.

Yes, low potassium will cause weakness and mess up the electrical system of the heart. If potassium is below "3" it is way too low, if potassium is higher than "5.5" it is too high and will cause problems. Frist, find out what your potassium count is before adding high potassium foods. I suspect you are low, but, check to be sure.