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A doctor recently confirmed that my daughter had VERY LOW levels of potassium.....while in a ER having an asthma attack.........He never said what low potassium (low) causes...? What happens if you have LOW POTASSIUM even if you take iron pills....
Some of the side effects from too low potassium are: hypertension, congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, depression, weakness, and fatigue.

Taking iron will not correct low potassium. The doctor needs to find out what caused the low potassium and treat accordingly.

Low potassium is something we should not treat ourselves, because, getting too much potassium will also cause problems with the electrical system of the heart.

This is something you should discuss with your daughter's physician. Bear in mind, there are some doctors out there that do not believe ingiving potassium. If your physician is like that, be sure you get a second opinion.

Your daughter needs proper treatment.

I am not a professional medical person, speaking from personal experience.
I too very recently found out i had low potassium i ended up in the e.r. with super high BP and other things I was hospitalized because sometimes low potassium can indicate kidney trouble. Make sure she gets treated promptly even if you have to go for second opinion to rule out conditions that cause low potassium.

Good luck and best wishes :) :)
:bouncing: My daughter has conceived, and when she was in the ER a couple weeks ago, not knowing that, blood tests were done, and the doctor tried to give her two bags of potassium . She has had this low potassium before, but NO Doctor has told her to do anything, but she suffers from terrible fatigue and depression, which does not run in the family !

We just got hit by Hurricane Katrina, and she is working 24 /7 since August 23rd and is ready to drop anyway, which is why ended with asthma attack in ER, where we found out low potassium.

She is TERRIBLY depressed, and when I just called her in Florida she is only 24 she instantly burst into tears, because she has to stop taking her anti depressant, but was glad to hear WHY SHE MIGHT BE DEPRESSED...... SO YOUNG ?................loosing our home didn't help........so I don't want her to get so depressed, so she will see an obgyn Tuesday, who will change her asthma medicine to pregant friendly, and hopefully address this low potassium and swelling.....

She has a swelling problem and is a very small person, and in great shape but collects water.........we have always blamed it on PMS, and no doctor has every taken it further....thanks for any info yall have, new baby only two weeks pregnant, I am one worried mother !
I once had a bladder infection and was given sulpha drugs. I didnt know this at the time, but the sulpha medication depleted my potassium so severely I had to go to the hospital. In the hospital they gave me fluids and orange juice. I have Addison's (adrenal gland exhaustion). So my electrolytes are often out of whack. I drink vegetable juices, soups, etc. that are high in potassium. The doc should check her adrenal glands and also if she is on any medication if its affecting her potassium levels.
Hi happyhome. Congratulations on the baby!!

Low potassium needs to be taken seriously. Potassium is important for heart regulation. I have very low potassium for reasons unknown, and I take serveral prescription pills daily. I agree with the others that she needs to be monitored.

Good luck on Tuesday. Let us know how her appointment goes okay? I am very sorry you lost your home in the hurricane.