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I've started to have seizures. 3 in 11 days. Went to the neuro. and he put me on Lamictal and scheduled an EEG and MRI. Soon as I could sit down I went to work looking up OTHER things that cause seizures. I say other b/c until today I just assumed they would say I was epileptic. It didn't occur to me it could be something else. When I search "what can cause seizures?" all I get is the actual rundown- how the brain reacts and such.
I did look into the hyponatremia that was posted on another thread. Strangely enough I went to the ER yesterday for this (the seizures) and they said the only thing they could find was low electrolytes- which is a symptom of hyponatremia.
I looked into Addison's b/c I have both type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism. I also looked up autoimmune in general and was flooded w/ info.
I'm not one to self diagnose but I want to go back to the dr. fully prepared to ask the right questions and request the right test. I went to the hospital back in January with what was at the time diagnosed as diabetic seizure. They kept me for evaluation b/c I had extremely low potassium and were afraid I'd have a heart attack. Now I'm wondering if that was a diabetic seizure at all. All of my recent seizures happened when I had PERFECT sugars. I've rambled, I know. But if anyone can make sense of this and/or can offer suggestions on what I definately need to ask the doc. I would greatly appreciate it.