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:bouncing: I joined yesterday and thought I'd post my own to see if anyone out there can help. My wife is 40 years old and has numerous symptoms and we have been to doctor after doctor and all we hear is "that's Wierd!" They all say it's stress and all that creates is more stress! Yes, stress is not helping our situation but there is really something wrong with her. We have been to the emergency room 6 times in this last month and it seems they are annoyed with us. When she was 24 she was having horrible pain for 2 years and the doctors couldn't tell her what was wrong and labled her a hypochondriac. It wasn't until this old time doctor walked into the room and slapped her on the back and said it was her gall bladder! She had her gall bladder removed (would this be a factor to what's going on now?). She had a gall stone the size of a hard boiled egg. Sadly, the doctors now think that it is all "in her head" and think she is a hypochondriac again.
Here are her symptoms:
"Squeezing" feeling of her heart, shooting pains (sometimes stabbing sometimes dull) in her neck and back of the neck and lower back, heart palpitations, weak heartbeat and then strong heartbeats that she can feel in her ears, pain that travels around her body, no sleep, tingling everywhere (last night her hand and her left tricep were numb), a migrane headache without the pain (those with migranes can understand that), muscle weakness and extreme fatigue (everything feels stiff and heavy), shortness of breath, feeling flushed as if going to pass out, severe depression and bouts of crying, aggitation and crabbyness (not good for me! ha, ha) (sometimes humor helps!) skin rashes, chocking sensations (when bent over, constant urination, chills with goosebumps, sweating, sneezing and dry eyes, tooth and gums hurt (metallic taste in mouth), and there could be more. I'm trying to be thorough but I think that's all.
We recently found black mold in out trailer and the doctors dismiss it as having no impact at all (I think it is a factor) I searched mecury poisioning and found alot of these symptoms. When her doctors do blood work it all comes back fine except her potassium is always low and they can't tell us why. Anarexic people have low potassium but she is not bulimic or anarexic. They find blood in her urine and a couple of years ago sent it to be tested for bladder cancer but I think they should test it again. Could this be pancreas cancer? They also did a endoscopy and looked at her bowls and stomach and found a tumor in her stomach (the doctor said it was too deep to biopsy and just biopsied around it and came back ok) He said to check it in a year. Could this tumor have anything to do with it? I'm sorry this is so long but I want to cover all the bases. Any prayers will help as I pray for all of you. :angel:
Thanks and god bless!