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Thanks for the reply. Well this morning's appt went well. My internist I could swear is borderline OC so in his field that is probably a good thing! Here is a breakdown of the bloodwork he did:
B-12, Ferritin, Potassium, ANA, Lipid Panel, Sed Rate (ESR), Urinalysis (with culture) and Rheumatoid Factor.
He said this is our "starting point".
Regarding the incontinence, we are a bit troubled by this as my urinalysis is the only thing with immediate results and they were normal. He gave me 2 days of antibiotics and asked me to call tomorrow for the culture results. The rest of my labs won't be available until next week.

I tried to pin him down about "possible" diagnosis and well, doctors are funny about that sort of thing!!! He wouldn't say anything, just that he wanted my results before proceeding. I am to continue on with current therapy for joint pain NSAIDs and Percocet as need for pain. I point blank asked him about lupus, he didn't answer me, but all his labs gave me my answer that he suspected it as well :rolleyes:
So, I feel a bit better at least knowing the ball is rolling!!!! :D

Heading off to the GYN for the colposcopy in about 50 minutes and sooooooo not looking forward to that!

THanks again for your comment on your personal experience with incontinence. I have had mental anguish with this. I didn't even experience that with pregnancy and have had to resort to constant use of pantyliners. :(
I will keep everyone posted!!!