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Just an update.

My ENT said nothing to be worried about.

I work at a bank & we have a healthfair every year. The bank pays for each of us to get a CBC. I am not in the medical profession, but wondered if I should be worried by some of these results:

WBCx10e3 6.5
RBCx10e6 4.7
HGB 12.2
HCT 37.5 (marked as low)
MCV 79.7
MCH 25.8 (marked as low)
MCHC 32.2
RDW-CV 17.9 (marked as high)
PLTx10e3 210
MPV 9.6

Then on the general chemistry
Potassium 3.0L (maked as low)

The weird thing is, I've been taking prenatal pills for about 3 months now. Aren't those supposed to be jam packed full of vitamins?!? (I'm not pregnant nor am I trying to get pregnant. I'm getting married in 6 months & am just trying to get healthy.)
Thanks to anyone who can make some sense of this. I'm not even sure what all that stuff means!!!