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I just started the Dr. B Diet about 15 days ago. At first it was very rocky, but now I love it. It has taken some time to get used to. The first week was emotionally and physically rough to say the least.

But basically it is medically supervised weight loss. You have to go into their office 3 times a week (mon, weds, fri) to get shots (vitamins b12 and B6). They test your blood once every 2 months to monitor you, and they also test your urine 3 times a week to monitor you. And they put you on a strict 800 calorie a day diet, but when you get the shots, that makes up for the loss of all the calories. Also they make you take a special vitamin daily as well as 2 potassium vitamins twice daily (4 total daily).

It's probably not for everyone. But I am too busy and also too lazy really to exercise too much right now in my life. And with this diet, there is no need for exercise whatsoever. Also, have someone to "Answer to" 3 times per week, so I really need that in my life to stay focused. Otherwise I would just cheat or give up. And since I paid for 8 weeks upfront, then I have to stick with it, or I will lose all that money.

But I am losing at least 1/2 pound per day or more, and it's a great feeling. I no longer feel hungry all the time. I love that part. Eventually they slowly work you back into a normal eating routine once the majority of the weight falls off. It is fast weight loss, but it's medically supervised so it's really been proven to be very effective and safe in canada, I live in VA and they just opened an office here.

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