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I have the morning stiffness too. The mornings are the worst but unfortunately alot of days it doesnt improve much. One thing that helps is a very hot shower. It loosens up the joints. I also take two ultram every morning and then alieve again at noon. My hands are so bad in the morning I cant even close them. I just have what I call "the claw". I work on a computer all day so it is a must that I loosen them up as much as possible.

I have my next rheumi appointment on the 3rd. I was suppose to go see an opthomalogist to get the okay to take plaquinil but I have had a very rough few months and cant squeeze in another ologist. I work full time, have 5 children and a brand new grandbaby a little over a week old. Since my last rheumi appointment I have been sent to the ER twice (I really hate the ER) once due to my potassium shooting up to a 6.00 and my liver function being too high for some reason that is still unknown (apparantly potassium is pretty important) they scared the heck out of me! I have had to go to the cardiologist 2 times and my GP 5 times and now a Gastrologist because of my visit to the ER last monday for something called colitis or something like that. LOL the funniest part is I have not been diagnosed with lupus. Right now they are still calling it undifferientiated mixed connective tissue disease. Which means "we know you have some kind of autoimmune thing going on but don't know which one or ones.

My rheumi is always asking about fever. I know I do run one but I have only taken my temperature a few times. It makes me feel like some nutcase hyperchondriac sitting there all the time with a thermometer hanging out of my mouth!

I just keep telling myself that so many people have been through this too. I know I need to go to the eye doctor and get his okay to take the plaquinil. I just have a very strong feeling that it will be pointless anyway. I have optic neuritis in my left eye. Does anyone else have this and if so would they still let you take the plaquinil? My eye has never recovered the vision loss and they say it never will now.

As bad as it is now, it is still better than it was when it all started. I can walk now and my arms work. I haven't had a problem with my legs in many months now. I had periphreal neuropathy really bad the first year. I am very glad that I can walk better now. My sister has lupus and has had it for 10 years. But her symptoms are very different from mine. I felt like I turned 40 and literally fell apart!

Anyway, it is nice to vent. I haven't done that in a while. Please let me know about the plaquinil and the optic neuritis.