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Hi Gina, So glad to hear that you are getting checked out, but sorry that you are still not feeling well. The only insight I have is to try and keep eating a healthy diet. Sometimes it only takes a little deficit to cause health problems.
I was on a diuretic (water pill) for a year to help with my high blood pressure, but it made me feel so sick. Turns out, after going off the water pill, I found a natural magnesium supplement and now my blood pressure is normal. And I sleep so much better! I don't even take it daily anymore, except when I am under stress. Magnesium oxide & magnesium hydroxide are ineffective as they cannot be absorbed into our bloodstream, so it pays to visit the health food store for the right kind. In my search for health I found that our bodies most important minerals are first potassium & 2nd magnesium. ALL the cells in our body need these to function optimally. So try to take some time to make sure you are getting these two into your diet. Oh, if tachycardia is a rapid heartbeat, I had that yrs ago in the middle of the night--140 beats per min. The dr was called and he suggested to "bear down" like when you try to have a bowel movement. It worked almost instantly. Recently I mentioned this to an ER dr & he confirmed that yes, this is one remedy that can help. This is not to say that you don't need any other treatment, and so please keep following your drs orders. I just wanted to share my experience in case it might help you in a similar circumstance. Take care. We are pulling for you!!