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Dear Kitten, So sorry to hear of your pain--just wanted you to know that I have been there as I have several autoimmune problems; dx with Fibromyalgia in 95 and just recently with lupus. Please listen to bluelakelady & look to all the natural ways that you can help yourself. Deep breathing exercises have helped me tremendously, but you need to really focus on it and take your time in order for the oxygen to get from your lungs into your bloodstream. Do it at least twice a day, or more if you are under stress.
Also, I have found that magnesium from rice bran really made a difference for me in that it helped tremendously with sleep and it also got rid of my high blood pressure. It is the calming mineral and our bodies need it(& potassium) in order to function. It really calmed down so many of my symptoms that I urge you to look into getting more into your diet. Now I don't even take daily supplements, just eat almonds & other nutrient rich foods every day. If you go to buy magnesium supplements look for ones that can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Mag oxide & hydroxide are in Milk of Magnesia and they cannot be absorbed--they work on the intestines if you are constipated. I liked the natural mag supplement and only took it for a couple of days. It worked THAT well. Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there and keep us posted = )