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I have a bulging disc at L5/S1 and was fused 9 weeks ago at L4/L5. The bulging disc could indeed be causing your leg and hip pain. MRI's don't show it all. For 3 years.. all the surgeons assumed my pain was coming from the bulging disc, but my current surgeon performed a discogram.. and it the pain was actually eminating from the L4/L5.. as it was leaking very badly (yet the MRI did not show this at all). So maybe more testing is in order, and I would insist that they keep testing until you have an answer. Something is wrong.. it's not a figment of your imagination.

Maybe you have fribromyalgia perhaps.. it's a meriad of symptom type disorder/disease that effects many people. Are you seeing a Neurologist??
What meds are you taking? Are they leg cramps or nerve pain.. there is indeed a difference. If it's leg cramps.. are you drinking enough water, are you stretching as best you can, are you getting enough potassium, and you are probably deficient in calcium/magesium if you are/have been on lots of medications. I certainly was after surgery.. and had ghastly leg cramps. The calcuim/mag pills have kept that under complete control. Give some of things a try and they are natural and should not harm you. Good luck to you. Tammy:wave: