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Any suggestions on what to do for getting ride of those terrible muscle cramps that love to get those calfs? I take Potassium on a daily basis but that isnt helping!
Try adding magnesium to the potassium you are already taking.my son went thru horrid almost spastic type cramping along with these really incredible contortions?it was really just freaky to watch this and it was really painful for him.we had just found out like a few days before this that his potassium had been low but didn't know about how really really low his mag was.i actually ended up taking him to the ER that night just because they were getting so bad.they ran the usual tests and lo and behold,it was his mag that was the culprit.they started him on mag ox 400,and within one day the cramp/contortions just stopped.he is still on the mag now six years later and has never ever had that happen again.

just try ading the mag and see what happens.if your potassium has been low,for some reason,your mag can also be low.don't ask me why,it just kinda goes that way.let me know how it works if you decide to try it.good luck,FB