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Hello fellow fibrosisters: I'm desparate and frightened because the pain I'm having all over my body is practically umbearable and on the outside I look normal. People think I'm fine, but I am suffering so badly. I drag in to work every day and don't know how I'm going to keep up. Here is my history: I had a laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy with both ovaries removed 9/29/03 for adenomyosis (internal endometriosis in the uterine muscle). Since the surgery I am on hormone replacement therapy using the Vivelle Dot (Estradiol) patch. I was having anxiety and took Paxil CR for a year and quit last year because I thought the sore throat I developed was due to to the Paxil. Turns out last year I was diagnosed by two ENT's with "LPR" which is acid reflux affecting the vocal cords and throat. I have severe redness and swelling above the vocal cords. I have been on Nexium 40 mg twice a day for the past year.

Last year I started to get real tired, with a "flu like" feeling most of the time. I'd get short of breath just climbing two flights of stairs at work.I went to a rheumatologist who ran all kinds of bloodwork and didn't come up with anything and didn't think it was fibro since I didn't have any "trigger points". Since this past March I began developing lower abdominal/bladder like pain. The urologist did a potassium instillation test and said I have interstitial cystitis. He scoped my bladder (not the hydrodistension, just a regular cystoscopy) and said it was normal except a severe elevated trigone. I started Elmiron three weeks ago to try. I thought maybe it was the Nexium causing the bladder pain so stopped it for ahwile but now my throat is killing me. I have brain fog, horrible pain all over, nausea, sore throat, lump in my throat, severe muscle and joint pain, twitching in my leg/groin/bladder area muscles, pain and burning sometimes when I urinate, lower abdominal pain, my left eye is always red, etc. and am in agony.

Does this sound like fibromyalgia to all of you? Lupus? Does anyone out there have reflux and/or "IC" with this? I was tested for Lymes three years ago in the ER and it came back negative. I just don't know where else to turn. What do you think all of this is? All bloodwork, CT of Abdomen x 2, urine C&S are negative. NOTHING shows up as a red flag. Should I see a pain specialist? Have a diagnostic lap? See a fibro specialist? Mornings are the worst waking up, the pain is unreal. Is this characteristic of fibromyalgia? Sorry for the whining but I can barely function anymore. Thanks to all who can share any insight. This board is wonderful.