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Hi Everyone,

Fellow Fibromite diagnosed August 3. Since my painful symptoms began to escalate in the last three months, I am also experiencing some weird numbness, tingling, and twitching on the left side of my face. Sometimes it feels like it's my jaw area, sometimes the area around and under my eye, and sometimes the area just above my eye -- and sometimes any combination of these. When the pain is its worst, my face almost always twitches along with it. Sometimes the twitching is next to my nose on the left side and sometimes under or around my left eye. When I get massage, my face gets very "jumpy." If I push on one of my trigger points in my neck, this will sometimes make my face tingle or twitch too. It's kind of hit-or-miss.

I also have TMD, for which treatment is in the planning stage.

Since I had trigger point injections in my neck 8 days ago, the pain in the area of the injections has improved some and my jaw pain and temporal headaches have almost vanished, but the sensations of facial numbness and twitching have increased a lot.

Does anyone know if this is normal or have similar experiences?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I had an MRI in June of my brain and C-spine and nothing abnormal was found in my c-spine. No stenosis, osteoarthritis, or anything impinging upon the spinal nerves, according to the report.

:wave: Well, I'm also having the same problem, and it has turned out I have low potassium. Has your doctor checked you for low potassium? Are you taking a diurectic or BP medication? Once I was put on potassium the weird sensations stopped...that is until yesterday when I had an episode, again. Are the weird sensations followed by fatigue, weakness, leg cramps and just plain very tight muscles? You need to tell you doctor, if you haven't already. We can't blame everything on FMS.
Take care, Des[CENTER][/CENTER]:angel:

I have had an MRI on my neck -- everything normal.

I am being treated for TMD by a dentist specializing in neuromuscular dentistry and TMJ disorder. I had an MRI on my TMJs and got the results today. Both articular discs are displaced and the condyle (pointy portion of the lower jaw joint) is pushed so far back in the joint by my bite that the joint space is almost nil. My dentist feels that I have nerve impingement as well as muscle spasm causing these freaky facial feelings. Also, she feels very strongly that my TMD is a strong contributor to my overall pain level in my neck, shoulders, arms and hands right now -- even my right sciatic nerve, where I am also currently experiencing a lot of pain. All of these muscles and nerves are connected in one way or another to the jaw muscles and TMD can just throw the whole system off whack. Seems that's what has happened in my case. It makes a great deal of sense, since the numbness/tingling/twitching, jaw pain and overall pain in my upper body have all increased at the same time.

Des, you definitely hit on something there. I seem to have chronic low potassium. The first time I've been tested (last fall) my serum potassium was 3.4 mEq/L. The lab range is 3.5 - 5.5 mEq/L. I took prescription potassium supplements for a month and then forgot to get tested afterwards. About two months ago, I had another CBC and guess what -- this time it was 3.2 mEq/L. I have not been very good about taking my supplements religiously. I am supposed to take them twice a day but it is really hard to time this because I cannot take any supplements with my thyroid medication, which I take in the morning. I will try to do better about taking my supplements and I will be sure to get retested. Thank you for much for this advice -- I believe you definitely had something there. :) Smarty pants. :)

EDIT: I recently read that many fibromites have unexplained or "idiopathic" hypokalemia. In my case, I do not take diuretics or any BP medications and my doctor has no explanation for my hypokalemia. In fact, I am also quite often troubled by idiopathic postural hypotension (near passing-out upon standing) and my blood pressure overall is low-normal. I make great efforts to stay well-hydrated -- drink a gallon+ of water daily. I do have some caffeine intake from my usual morning latte and the occasional green tea in the afternoon. The postural hypotension gets much worse prior to that time of the month... At any rate, overall, I do have leg cramps that just come and go for no apparent reason, fatigue, and overall muscle tightness. My PT just doesn't get why nothing helps to relieve this crazy muscle spasm. :) Hypokalemia, I guess! I will be good about taking my supplements from now on and see if this helps.