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We called everyone we could think of & we're still at a loss.
Tuesday afternoon, my 59yo mother (live-in, obese, several established meds) began having muscle cramps in her legs so bad they left her in tears. She took a flexeril & began taking potassium tabs. 2 hours later they had abated, but her legs were still twiching.
Tuesday night, around midnight, I (36yo, overweight, no meds) began having them too. Odd that we would both have cramps on the same day, but puzzling that they weren't charlie horses, or the normal foot cramps that pull our toes down...instead these hit the front/outside muscle of our shins, and went straight between our little & 2nd toes, pulling them up.
Being that we're both overweight & have some fluid retention problems, we thought that might have been the problem.
Yesterday afternoon, my 39yo husband (slightly overweight, only 1 established med) told me he was having leg cramps...I barely touched his shin to ask if that's where they were, & he jumped through the roof. Exact same location...no other symptoms, no swelling.
What pushed us over the edge was my 12yo son (not overweight, 2 established meds) that has never had so much as a charlie horse woke up about 11 with the exact same cramping!
we've all eated a few bananas since, upped our fliud intakes, but we're still having minor spasms in our shins and feet.
There are no other symptoms in common - mom & son have slight congestion from seasonal allergies, husband had a headache. No fevers, no redness, no unusual swelling (mom & I still have swollen ankles) No Dizziness, nausea, vomitting. No current injuries, no recent strenuous exercize. No diet changes, no bug bites, no pest control
We've talked to our PCPs, Nurse Answer lines at Children's Hospital & our insurance, and Poison Control...no one seems to have a clue.
Does ANYONE have any similar experience or suggestions?