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Hi, I was doing a little study on this stuff and read through your thread. Someone said that they mix water salt and sugar and this seems to work. I agree with that, I think it works great, so why go and buy gatorade or other drink like that that cost 4x more that in my opinion doesn't work as well. I don't know about sugar in water but salt, water and lemon make a electrolytic environment that works great. I think water today is deficient in sodium, water alone makes my body dry. With sodium or salt the water passes through the cell along with the sodium thus hidrating the cell. Without sodium not much water would pass or without water it won't pass. So they work together. How much salt do you need to add? Around 250 milligrams or a couple dashes of salt per liter for a 2 liter per day diet. Around 500mg per day. Lemon, very little to the point where you barely taste it, maybe 5- 10 drops. Mix and you have a water that hidrates effectively. Potassium and sodium exchanges between the extracellular and intracellular region so you could benefit from eating a banana also. Drink inbetween meals and don't worry be happy. Pineapple may be better than lemon but I haven't tryed it.

Your body will become dehydrated if you drink purified water alone. (No electrolytes). Stay away from dehydrating foods also, like refined bread.