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I don't know if this is a case of speeding up your metabolism. I find for myself, I maintain at 2500-3000 cals/day but do not lose unless I get down to 1600 and exercise, no matter what those internet calculators say. So I suppose I could lose at 2000 but it would be such a SLOW process I would get discouraged. If you want to stick with 2000, I suggest going on the scale every 3-6 months (rather than weekly) and not any mroe frequently b/c any slight change in water weight, etc can be discouraging. I actually threw out my scale three weeks ago and focused on eating when I am hungry and have dropped a pant size....don't know how much I weigh, but i am not complaining!
However, I also started taking vitamins (again) and sleeping when I am tired. I believe people search for food when there body lacks vitamins and is tired. So a good multivitamin, and vitamins to promote circulation (i get cold easily and eat more to arm up), ie potassium, vitamin e and cayanne pepper, and a few other are daily staples. i believe all of these promote a healthy metabolism.

ps if you think of female bodybuilders, they roughly eat about 2000 of CLEAN food every day. when they cut to lose fat while training, they usually go down about 400-600 cals to lose fat and will increase the food intake when building body mass again.