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It's a little tricky. If we cut down on calories too much, our bodies go into conservation mode. Much as I hate to say it, upping exercise did it for me. In addition I'm not a breakast eater and was a mad woman by afternoon. I mean, ALL I thought about was food and what I could and couldn't eat. Now I make a whey proetein shake every morning. Many variations, but I use a 40 os. Rubbermaid container, add 1 scoop whey protein, about 8 oz of fat free milk, shake it up, add lots of ice and top of with water. Sometimes I add cancer fighting bluberries or other high fiber fruit, or half a potassium packed banana. Whatever I can't drink during the morning madness I take with me in the car. I have just ingested a double whammy or protein and five glasses of water all in one fell swoop. I am shocked at what a difference this has made. Not only am I more energetic and productive, I don't get ravenously hungry during that afternoonn slump. And a bonus, I think because I start off so healthy and feeling good about my body, the fatty foods aren't so appealing anymore. I crave good fresh food. Forget the Doritos; I want cold watermelon.

Follow a sane pattern and don't get caught in the compulsive dieting which usually makes us fail in frustration because we can't keep it up. I see my eating plan as a lifetime behavior, not a diet.

And the body will lose. Don't wory about the numbers, although I know that's almost impossible.

Sane eating, do the next right thing. You'll make it without a doubt.