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Hello and sorry to hear about all the hardships you are dealing with. I also have had acupuncture for bad pain in my back and health difficulties. I went to a Grand Master from China, who is local and only 5 min from me. I received good results. I do not have the piercing pain in my lower back from the degeneration I have. I need to return for other issues, but funds are low right now. I am in a determined state to stay away from pain pills. I do admit there have been times when I wished on my worst days I had something to knock me out. Pain just never does. :dizzy:

I have used a potassium and magnesium aspartate from GNC to help conteract the continuous all over muscle spasms I have and help me stay off the pain pills. They have been a big help!!

I really hope you have things improve for you and find a way to have a life that is not just racked with pain.